The best of the summer in our retail spaces

At Zebra, we had a fantastic summer, and we want to celebrate it by dedicating a post about retail spaces to this season full of unforgettable experiences. Because, who does not like the bright colours of these months, the days on the beach, dipping into the sea, the sunsets and the meals with family and friends that end in fun dances under the night stars? We love it, and that’s why we reflect it in projects specially designed for this time of the year.

Espacios retail de la marca Moet en Ibiza

Honouring refreshing endings, Moët & Chandon and Zebra presented this pop-up bar for Travel Retail points of purchase: who said ice and penguins could not be in Mediterranean cities? We brought a little piece of Arctic to the airports of Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca and Tenerife to have them by our side along the heat of the summer. The result? Moët Ice Imperial, an engaging, fun and cool retail space inspired by the black and white bottle of champagne: The perfect promotional tool for the luxury brand to position this new product.

Espacios retail de la marca Moet en Ibiza

We let ourselves be delighted by a sumptuous cabernet glass and we created an oasis perfectly designed to feel an experience that combines the most refreshing sensations with the sweetest and fruitiest aromas of the summer. Because it does not matter if it’s hot, at Moët Ice Imperial’s pop-up spaces we enjoy a gold coolness!

Another summer pleasure is getting up late in the morning so that we can enjoy long evenings! Going out for dinner, keep going with some cocktails and end up dancing with friends to the rhythm of the songs, carried along by music and enjoying every movement. We thought of everything, and that is why we worked with so much love in the design and implementation of Grau’s Jewellery in Lloret. The perfect space to find the accessory that makes us shine in summer.

Espacios retail - Joyería Grau en Lloret

Espacios retail - Joyería Grau en Lloret

Retail spaces to enjoy the colours of the summer

Espacios retail - Hawkers

Espacios retail - Hawkers

Let us make an ode to the colours of the summer. Bright and intense. As a tribute to their beauty, which fill all spaces with light, we designed these dynamic and visually stimulating podiums for Hawkers and Northweek.

Espacios retail - Northweek

And, for last, we have put our hands to work on the design of a new store for a perfumery chain. An area of ​​670m2 spread over two floors, also full of fresh, sweet and pleasant colours. Because we want them to never disappear from our spaces and make us feel good all year!

Come, take a look and keep in touch

We can’t wait to share our new Blog with you. After much work in creating the new website version 2.0, we have opened this section to be closer to you, by sharing news regarding our industry; design and retail that we love so much. We would love to read your comments about absolutely everything that is posted on this blog. More closer to you, more likely to reduce the distance! We don’t like to stop, as we are always active and working hard, we needed that blog to show you how we are proceeding. We hope you enjoy it as well.

Hey there! We are on TV!

Although it has been over a year that TV Badalona suggested us to explain our story for the “Fem numeros” TV program, we had just right time to do that. Therefore, we thought it is a good idea to post this video on blog that explains very well who we are and where we come from. We have gone through the past documents and have been surprised how much we have changed in this year long. In 2011 we were beginning to internationalize and now we can say we are international, thanks to our partners who work with us from several cities in different continents. We have also completed 10 years and we have much to say about our experience. So, don’t hesitate, just come and discover us.



Watches start to tick in Watch Center in Reus

Second mono-brand shop of Casio was opened in mid-July in Reus

The right time comes for Casio’s watches to tick with the help of the Zebra design team in Casio’s second mono-brand shop in entire Spain. As Casio watches keep showing the time, Zebra keeps shaping it.

The new store in Reus, welcoming the guests in mid July was designed by Zebra design team by keeping the corporate image of Casio. Consisting of 6 different brands of Casio,( Sheen, Edifice, Baby-G, G-Shock, Protrek and Casio Collection) the store looks more exciting than before.

In particular, the distinctively designed sub-brand G-Shock’s point of sale grid received the most attention from the guests. Randomly located watches on grid reflect the freedom and coolness of target customers.

Finally after the hours of hardwork of Zebra design team, the store started to welcome the customers by promoting the watches in a divergently designed store.

Pernod – Richard’s promotional sunshine in Casablanca Airport

Thanks to Zebra Team, Pernord Richard’s new liquor begins to be promoted in duty free Casablanca Airport after successful installation.

Multi-brand Pernod Richard based on France has vast product portfolio in alcohol beverage business as Jameson whiskey, Malibu, Absolute Vodka, Valentine’s etc. This summer, one of the newest liquor of Ricard, Pastis which is typical French aperitif, was presented in duty frees to customers with noticeable promotion in particular in Casablanca. Richard is the world’s best selling aniseed-based spirit and we worked hard to reflect the sunshine of Pernord -Ricard, while pointing the freshness of it in hot summer days.

The promotional stand was designed as moveable to other spaces to use it later. After couple of months, Zebra installation team will move to Casablanca to install the same platform at Marrakech. These kinds of sustainable and re-usable projects making the promotional stand more affordable and long-lasting. Above all, Zebra team as usual is following the progress of project and offering after-project service to dismantle it and re-install it in other spaces.




Make up as if you are on the runway

Another interesting project designed by ZEBRA Design team for “Make up room” jointly ventured by Carrefour and L’Oreal.

The entire story behind the scenes was started by a proposal from L’Oreal to Carrefour for opening up a “make up room” inside of the Carrefour, in Gran Via II shopping mall. From the beginning till the end, the project lasted 5 months and successfully installed by Zebra engineering team at the beginning of October.

The colours of the shop reflect the colour of beauty. Moreover, the design of the shop was inspired by runway, as if you are walking on the podium.

In the business jargon, main reason of the project is to attract customers to Carrefour for buying cosmetic products, since regular customers are not usually buying cosmetics from Carrefour.

Besides L’Oreal, other beauty brands as Astor, Maybeline, Pro’s, Rimmel and Bourjois accompanying with L’Oreal on the voyage through the beauty in make up room in Carrefour.

Inside of the shop, there is a table that allows you to use testers and decide which products you would like to buy with the assistance of professional make up artists.    Additionally, on the wall, led screens show you how to use beauty products in a right manner.

Más fotografías del diseño Shop in Shop para l’Oréal









Fresh summer started with Möet Ice Imperial in Spanish airports.

Möet Ice Imperial is the world’s first-ever champagne specifically created to be served on ice, the most stylish way to escape to exotic warm-weather locales and exclusive destinations.

While passengers are enjoying the new innovation of Moet Hennesy in airports in Spain, Zebra is playing crucial role to promote exotic taste of Moet Ice Imperial. The concept of summer trendy terrace makes you feel as if you are on the sea shore. While passengers enjoying the product in the place of promotion which is carefully designed and installed by our Team, especially in Ibiza airport, they were also enjoying the live performance of Dj in a trendy atmosphere.

Simultaneously started projects in Palma, Ibiza, Barcelona and Malaga Airports bring the passengers into unforgettable moments of tasting new product of Moet Hennessy.

Enjoying summer in Le Meridien’s renewed beach bar, Ona Beach club.

“The exotic design of Le Meridien’s renewed beach bar Ona Beach Club welcomed guests during the summer”

Le Meridien is one of the first class beach hotel chains in the world. One of them is located in El Vendrell having Sant Salvador beach that provides the most pleasurable way to relax with direct access from the hotel.

With the help of the Zebra engineering team, new concept of bar was re-designed by constructing 5meters of pergola as well, and hugged the guests in an opening party. With this project, we offer very warm-environment to the guests during their stay in Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel & Spa.

Carefully designed bar by Zebra design team allows the waitress be always around and ready to serve. Moreover, eye-catching lightening of bar contributes the beauty of summer with fresh environment.


Laura Penco
Brand Designer

El nuevo shop in shop de Yves Saint Laurent reluce en Murcia

New shop in shop space is for the El Corte Ingles in Avenida Libertad, in Murcia.

This past June we arrived at the studio for a new job for the L’ Oréal Group whose culmination and implementation took place this October. The new design of the POS image of Yves Saint Laurent was born around 2009 when the designer Noé Duchaufour-Laurence began working with this brand.

Noé explains the concept in its portfolio:

The concept for this new YSL architectural identity pays homage to the couture designer Yves Saint Laurent whose personality was as precise, elegant and simple as it was mysterious. The principal of this architecture resumes a hidden richness open to a select few in a closed-door intimacy. A black, massive monolith reveals a gold core in a game of pure geometry, a daring construction of asymmetry and proportion, an homage to the designer.

The 16m2 space has different exhibitors, counters, column four faces and other elements, all crafted from the most delicate detail to let the personality shine YSL golden.

TFWA World Exhibition 2013

During the 20th and 25th of October, one of the most prestigious events in the sector Duty Free and Travel Retail in the world, TFWA World Exhibition ’13, took place in Cannes, France. We did not want to lose the chance of going there and at the end, we have moved to Cannes to help two of our clients who have trusted us in the design and implementation of their stands.

One of our customers in there is Godet, the elite French Cognac brand, whose tradition dates back to 1792. As we have been doing the same in recent years, Godet cognacs considers this show a big opportunity to meet with clients. Therefore, the design of the space is planned with very particular perspective and intimate.

The interior space of the enclosure isolates the visitor center, creating a true domestic lounge where guests can enjoy unhurried Godet liquors. This year, newly produced “Antarctica Icy Cognac” was showcased to the visitors with a perfect atmosphere.



Renders previos del diseño del espacio efímero para Godet




Alike Godet, prestigious French cosmetics brand Polaar who has also relied on Zebra team to carry out the implementation of its space in the fair.

Their ephemeral stand consists of two expositors and one spectacular counter. The design of the elements and the setting of stand are based on the Polar area of the planet, with ice cubes, “cold” colors and indirect lighting to create a special atmosphere.




Laura Penco
Brand Designer